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Release 2019-08-28
Smallish release, no new features this time.


  • Reordering galleries is no longer broken.
  • The new post/reply form no longer duplicates HTML IDs on character icons.
  • The icon view character page now manages memory better, so pagination has been removed.
  • Failed updates to characters no longer accidentally persist changes to associations like galleries or settings.
  • URLs for image uploads now randomize the URL per image instead of per page load, so uploading an image twice and deleting one on the same page load will no longer delete both icons.

Development work

  • Improved non-production seed data.
  • Upgraded rubocop, sanitize and audited gems.
  • Removed custom after-delete code and replaced it with the correct Rails built in utility.
  • Characters API has been expanded in preparation for upcoming features.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

Posted on Aug 28, 2019 4:58 PM by Marri