Dec 09, 2019 3:27 PM
Daily Report - Dec 09, 2019 (Incomplete)
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! degrees of mastery
Elodea gets dumped into a world that's inappropriately appropriate to her curse
Sandboxes 124 4 3:03 PM
New hell of a mess
you're not my real dad
Sandboxes 11 11 12:58 PM
! mixed with the lightning of slaughter
decima meets ellie
Sandboxes 3757 8 11:30 AM
Poetry for Young People
Rescue gets lost in the library
Sandboxes 167 3 11:15 AM
! to be alive is power
Link and Naruto in a battle world
Sandboxes 12 1 11:14 AM
don't be shy
Ms. Frizzle and Promise
Sandboxes 185 1 9:02 AM
The vapors of industry and magic
Margaret in Neuroi World
Sandboxes 562 1 9:00 AM
...let the games begin
in this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. this grand game of life which you think you play in fact plays you. to that i say... (margaret in azeroth)
Sandboxes 495 1 8:59 AM
in this handmade heaven
A Margaret in a transdimensional transhumanist beauty salon
Sandboxes 238 2 8:58 AM
the stars are free
Foresight and Cherish in the Honor Harrington universe
Sandboxes 201 1 8:40 AM
can't have peace without a war
Margaret in Medallion
Sandboxes 2928 2 8:30 AM
hard to look right at you
Demon Cam in the Potterverse
Sandboxes 149 2 8:23 AM
we are always going somewhere else
The Starr twins are Graywards in Elsewhere
Sandboxes 264 6 7:22 AM
With thy own blessed and impulsive fire
Kate comes to town. The alpha of Beacon Hills faces a reckoning.
Nirvāṇa 76 21 7:13 AM
Your charm so strongly works 'em
Druid Robin appears in the Beacon Hills Dating Sim
Sandboxes 151 4 6:54 AM
! when you move, fall like a thunderbolt
Deskyl and DZ in Arcania Artefactum
Sandboxes 1053 2 6:44 AM
it does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations
Eisa is the Dragonborn
Sandboxes 11 2 5:30 AM
! only a shadow of flesh can walk this earth
Ariadne in Lucidity
Sandboxes 124 2 5:25 AM
! my labor and my leisure too
valentine acquires and furnishes a new house
Bacchanalia 496 41 1:07 AM
! never saw you coming
Odette and Illia land in Calado
Sandboxes 2375 1 1:03 AM
Seeking out new worlds
A dragon explores space, finds Amenta.
Sandboxes 2011 15 12:58 AM
this way you will always know
Lorica falls on the Young Avengers
Sandboxes 52 3 12:43 AM
Link with portal powers shows up
Sunstone 459 2 12:36 AM
Pawn approching Queen
Terry is drawn into magic marriage politics
Sandboxes 85 2 12:32 AM
! and the stance of the sea
demigod Erin in Murune
Sandboxes 287 1 12:04 AM
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