Oct 17, 2019 9:03 PM
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! don't you mess with a little girl's dreams
Boogey Nausicaa imagines herself a hero
Sandboxes 595 2 6:52 PM
...let the games begin
in this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. this grand game of life which you think you play in fact plays you. to that i say... (margaret in azeroth)
Sandboxes 478 1 6:49 PM
! and therefore never send to know
Rian and Orochimaru coalition build
Manual of Chaos 47 1 5:16 PM
sparks fly (whenever you smile)
Hashirama and Sasuke in space
Manual of Chaos 74 1 5:16 PM
! for who can say by what strange way
Nausicaa & co. try to survive the Buffyverse
Hope Itself 251 3 5:12 PM
! all I can do is cry on my own
magical girl Sasuke's adventures in PMMM
Hope Itself 191 1 5:09 PM
! the gods that constrain us
A Su is a magical girl in Transgression
Manual of Chaos 57 1 5:08 PM
doctrine and covenants
Rebecca and the Master meet
Sandboxes 404 2 3:23 PM
! is that so wrong
Hannibal and Will alts in Fabulous
Sandboxes 72 2 3:21 PM
! it must be I want life to go on living
a handful of browns in Elsewhere
Sandboxes 4412 6 11:51 AM
! raise a little hell of your own
A Serg makes an ill-advised deal for power
Sandboxes 1346 3 11:45 AM
! Su'um ahrk morah
Idris in the Aldmeri Dominion
Vengeance 32 8 11:30 AM
! are we all we are
inanna's ring!sasuke wakes up in narutoverse
Sandboxes 2719 26 9:00 AM
! mixed with the lightning of slaughter
decima meets ellie
Sandboxes 1595 113 8:58 AM
bury my heart here in this dirt
a handful of browns in Naruto
Sandboxes 975 10 8:16 AM
I'll be everything that I wanna be
shoggoth Kushina and smol Naruto in Amenta
Sandboxes 1777 53 8:15 AM
! prowling, always finding something
Ira and Eric become vampires
Sandboxes 810 3 6:46 AM
The vapors of industry and magic
Margaret in Neuroi World
Sandboxes 547 1 12:45 AM
Covered in gold
Dragon Hatchling Margaret (in a world derived from Golden Treasure: The Great Green)
Sandboxes 64 1 12:42 AM
! you gave me nothing at all
cam meets some fastfairies and does not have an adorable romance arc
Sandboxes 1173 25 12:37 AM
! Sprout in the morning! Nyokimon appears!
Lucy as a Digimon
Sandboxes 349 6 12:35 AM
some only had hearts that were brave and true
in which karen teller saves expat fairy celegorm from zombies
Sandboxes 848 50 12:32 AM
Seeking out new worlds
A dragon explores space, finds Amenta.
Sandboxes 1135 40 12:04 AM
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