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Has Warnings the blood of the covenant is the least of our weapons
The Graveyard Rose meets a town that's off to a good start.
Sandboxes 187 2 1:38 AM
Has Warnings you lift my spirit when you are mine
Original zombies in an original zombie setting. (Note: this Roe uses Ed for faceclaim but is actually 18).
Symposia 51 3 1:23 AM
Has Warnings the other side of violence
Emiya Kiritsugu runs away from his problems
Sandboxes 9 1 1:13 AM
Has Warnings dear abrogail
abrogail thrune's terrible terrible relationship advice
Sandboxes 62 1 1:05 AM
but then he's still left with his hands
post-grad ayako on the dream smp
Sandboxes 83 1 12:30 AM
Has Warnings the gods of dath ilan
project unlawful, two years later
trainwreck 11 1 12:18 AM
bella, caio, and aadhya in the college arcadia
Sandboxes 970 27 12:14 AM
when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole
jingyan from abide in loyalty sees how things would have gone without him
Sandboxes 142 3 12:04 AM
Has Warnings first as tragedy, then as farce
project lawful goes differently
moissanite 1114 10 12:02 AM
null action
it's obvious if you understand decision theory
planecrash 293 11 12:01 AM
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