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Has Warnings her lips taste like a loaded gun
So you know how getting Fate Anakin to become Vader when her Ellie is a Jedi is annoyingly hard -
Fulmination 175 1 10:42 AM
foundations of the world
so apparently 'makes her girlfriend and her girlfriend's crush kiss' is an anathema template attractor
Fulmination 2669 1 10:42 AM
Has Warnings not that there's anything wrong with that
Judy in False-Daisy
Sandboxes 112 2 1:18 AM
Has Warnings some people have fun
Xue Yang gets a security clearance
Delta Green 136 2 12:52 AM
Complete Has Warnings stare into the darkness, admit defeat
A sorcerer Zero summons an angel Sunburst.
Sandboxes 204 13 12:28 AM
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