Jun 18, 2019 8:42 PM
Daily Report - Jun 18, 2019 (Incomplete)
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slow your heart rate
palatinates and silvers in Elan
Moonlit Embers 95 1 7:54 PM
Enter a dream yet deeper and exit changed
TinkerWalta in Lucidity
Sandboxes 182 1 7:28 PM
that i am stuck in this human form
A Luehmani and a Rianchimaru in Boyfriend Dungeon
Sandboxes 252 2 6:19 PM
! for the blood we had not spilt
Slayer Naruto is going to befriend ALL the demons!
Hope Itself 1141 1 6:18 PM
! Why are you talking to your beverage?
Quartet in WTFMagic!Alienville
Sandboxes 336 20 4:23 PM
love will always be a game
Jaime and Foresight, in Fabulous
Sandboxes 99 1 2:03 PM
history tells her part in war
cap!azry, bucky and peggy are magical girls in ww2
Sandboxes 128 20 1:27 PM
! don't you mess with a little girl's dreams
Boogey Nausicaa imagines herself a hero
Sandboxes 304 2 1:05 PM
to lose sight of the shore
Actana Silvers land on Chaos' Narutoverse
Sandboxes 94 2 1:04 PM
! rise up (like glitter and gold)
Inanna's Ring!Sasuke in Arcania Artefactum
Sandboxes 70 2 1:03 PM
! The tale of the bamboo cutter
L is dropped on on post-apocalyptic Naruto-verse
Sandboxes 635 1 12:53 PM
it's not easy being green
owls and turquoises in all night laundry
Sandboxes 58 2 12:48 PM
the same rain that draws you near me
Jaime discovers a masquerade.
Sandboxes 251 1 12:45 PM
travel across the land
A Gabby goes on a Pokemon Adventure.
Sandboxes 443 4 11:42 AM
! sulfur, mercury, and salt
alchemist Orochimaru scoops a smol Skye
Morning Star 44 4 10:47 AM
! one day you will learn
The Originals raid a Sith base
Almeisan 500 52 10:41 AM
satellite heart, lost in the dark
flo and sarah in aurum
Luna 265 15 10:39 AM
spin ever downward
hope in the old republic
Guiding Star 94 2 10:37 AM
in the unlikely event of the apocalypse
Carbons and Storms in the Buffyverse(?)
Arcturus 48 2 10:35 AM
! affection through unorthodox means Sandboxes 52 13 10:33 AM
are we all we are
inanna's ring!sasuke wakes up in narutoverse
Sandboxes 373 30 9:05 AM
! no crime in being kind
Upload and Daisy
Sandboxes 400 1 7:33 AM
...let the games begin
in this world where time is your enemy, it is my greatest ally. this grand game of life which you think you play in fact plays you. to that i say... (margaret in azeroth)
Sandboxes 318 2 7:30 AM
can't have peace without a war
Margaret in Medallion
Sandboxes 2466 6 7:29 AM
searching far and wide
Foresight among Pokémon
Sandboxes 49 6 7:26 AM
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