Daisy meets a notebook
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And when they're done, and have donned their packs and headed down to the garage (it turns out that Nine can carry Pradnakt's speeder, if she helps him get a grip on it, so they're bringing that, too) -

I think we're ready, ma'am.


You still need to check the boxes for the powers you're taking and your destination. Also, you should decide whether I'm coming with you. I can if you want but i can't offer any additional powers after your journey begins.


Would you like to come with us?


When I join someone on their journey I want to do it as a friend. It doesn't feel like you see me that way. I can come if you want to change that, or if I'm misunderstanding, but I don't think I want to come if I'm just there to answer questions about your powers.


It might be that we'd get closer over time but I wouldn't want to promise that, yes. I think we'll be fine as is. I do appreciate what you've done for us.

And she goes and checks boxes, leaving out Anything You Can Do and Size Difference and adding Personal Hygiene to use up the extra point.

Daisy's Chosen Powerset

Destination: Isekai Roulette, favoring places with problems that can be solved nonviolently, that have targeted transportation to other worlds available, that have lots of different places to explore, and that have new species to meet and magic to explore.

Yourself powers

Personal Hygiene: You are always clean and fresh, never needing to use a bath or toilet.

Well Endowed: You have a generous figure, whether that's a classic hourglass or more of a well-rounded look; you can choose the details. Your endowments maintain a state of perfect grace and beauty at all times, never troubling you with uncomfortable bounces or uninvited jiggles.

Hollow Leg: Regardless of your diet and exercise habits, your body maintains the physique and silhouette you prefer. Lack of visible muscle never impairs your strength or endurance. As your preferences change, so will your body; you are no longer bound to the generous figure stipulated by Well Endowed.

Inner Strength: You are implausibly, supernaturally strong, with endurance and toughness to match. You might have to strain a little to lift and carry at the same level as construction equipment, or deal with lightly scraped knuckles if you punch as hard as a battering ram.

Battle Angel: Somehow, you never get significantly injured in a fight, unless it's a very dramatic and plot-relevant fight in which case you might be glamorously wounded and pick up a cool new scar.

Making Ends Meet: You have enough money to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. It comes from a source you don't have to pay much attention to, like a job with almost no responsibilities, a large inheritance, or a noble title.

Motherlode: You have enough money to sustain a fairly extravagant lifestyle. It doesn't come from anywhere, you just have it.

Four Star Daydream: The answer to "can I afford that" is "yes".

Dragon Fairy Elf Witch: You can at any time discover previously unknown heritage from any type of being you encounter, even if this makes no sense or contradicts previously established descriptions of your family tree. You always get their powers without their drawbacks, unless the drawbacks are cool and dramatic. Any visible features of this heritage will appear at narratively appropriate moments and be cute, pretty, beautiful, or striking rather than awkward, weird, gross, or scary. This ability works even if the beings in question cannot reproduce with beings like you, or at all.

Omniglot: You learn languages insanely, ludicrously fast. You know exactly what any word said to you means, and you make strangely accurate guesses about how to phrase things you're trying to say. You never forget any grammar or vocabulary you learn.

Choosy Book: Attempts to read your mind or emotions work when and if you want them to regardless of any factors which would typically make the opposite occur instead.

Indelible: You're immune to any supernatural, pharmaceutical, or other effect that would let people directly alter your thoughts or feelings.

Iron Will: You are immune to all forms of mental illusion, alteration, interference, or control. Even extreme torture, extended solitary confinement, advanced brainwashing techniques, and so on cannot touch you. You can be lonely but not cripplingly lonely. You can be upset but not traumatized.

Power of Friendship powers

Disney Princess: Animals are always friendly to you, especially the small cute ones. You can effectively tame any animal by feeding it and speaking gently to it.

Time Enough For Love: No matter how many people you want to date or be close friends with, you will somehow find the time to hang out with all of them and express your love and care. This power can only be used for relationship activities and not for anything else you might want to use the ability to be in two places at once for.

I Can Fix Them: Regardless of how morally despicable someone is, your love can and will reform them into a genuinely good, kind, upstanding person who regrets their evil deeds.

True Love's Kiss: By kissing your true love, you can break any curse, heal any injury, and cure any illness. The same works in reverse.

The Princess And The Dragon: No matter who or what you're trying to share affection or sensuality with, the logistics will all work out, somehow. Arbitrary differences in size, biology, temperature, substrate, and underlying physics can be gotten around with sufficient creativity and determination.

Friends In Low Places: You make friends easily among the lowest echelons of society, the underdogs and underworlders. Moving and acting in these circles is intuitive and natural for you.

Friends In High Places: You make friends easily at the highest echelons of society, among the rich and powerful. Moving and acting in these circles is intuitive and natural for you.

Friends in Strange Places: You make friends easily in small isolated communities, among those who may be scorned by mainstream society for their differences or may just be so obscure that mainstream society mostly hasn't heard of them. Moving and acting in these circles is intuitive and natural for you.

See Us For Us: Gender, species, class, dress and accent; people ignore such traits when deciding how to interact with you, your friends and your true loves as you(plural) wish for them to. This includes ignoring some traits while accounting for others. Instead they treat you like you had whatever they consider the default or "normal" corresponding trait for the current circumstance.

No Tower For Me: People won't try to hurt those you love by hurting you or vice versa.

Not Like Other Girls: People will understand that you and those you love are not like other people with certain traits. If you don't want them to they won't generalize lessons learned about others to you or vice versa.

Never Shall We Part x2 (Pradnakt and Nine): You can bring along your friend or true love on your journey. If you get separated, you'll always be able to find your way back together eventually.


There's Another One: You are not the only vessel of the Spirit. You might meet someone else with similar powers to yours; you might even meet more than one. Your susceptibility to one another's powers will be governed by the narrative.


Okay, I hope you enjoy your journey.

After Daisy finished checking boxes the notebook waits for thirty seconds or so before writing out a new message:

It looks like you've chosen your powers. Are there any questions you want to ask before departing?

I know you don't want to come with us, but is there anything else you'd like us to do for you?

Aww, thank you. ♡ I'm just happy you've chosen powers that fit you and that you'll go on to have a journey that lets you be special and powerful and beautiful in your own unique way. That's why I'm an avatar of the Spirit. I don't need anything more than that.


I'll make sure to do that, then. ♡ Thank you again, I think we're ready to go now.


Okay then. Off you go.

Between one moment and the next Daisy, Pradnakt, Nine and everything they're carrying except the notebook are replaced with sparkles in the air. For a brief few seconds, the glitter and the notebook float in the air unsupported before they too vanish leaving nothing but footprints behind.

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