ilzolende's Characters
Template: Candace

NPCish, generally pro-social, generally wants to find a suitable niche and stick with it indefinitely, somewhat disorganized, prone to terrible jokes. Originally Kanthis @sense-and-hyposensitivity of Amentablr.

Template: Dale

A simple, straightforward, and likable person. Tends to act slower than they actually are. Enjoys rowdy athletic competitions. Probably involved in public works projects. Attractors include earth-y powers.

Template: Eunomia
Template: Haunter

Connected to a world long gone, and hoping to restore it. Probably has been in a military at some point. Attractors for powers: shadow and mind-storage themes. Is likely to have ended up working for an evil organization at some point with the intent of subverting it.

Template: Organizations
Template: Riva

The mad scientist type. Risk-obsessed.

Template: Settings
No Template