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Template: Adela

Em's daughter, Lian's niece. Usually trying her best. Not always very good at this.

Template: Ash

Revolutionary type. Ash will always seek to put herself in charge; she doesn't trust anyone else to do things right. Usually willing to do anything it takes to get what she wants. However, she cares deeply about her people, and 'what she wants' is usually a world without excess suffering.

Template: B

A fork, massive divergence, alternate timeloop, or mind-alteration of Bina.

Template: Bina

Official disaster lesbian. Bina has a panic disorder, and secretly wishes to be a competent hero - capable of making decisions without melting down, capable of saving the day and having everything turn out alright in the end - a wish often granted by a certain strange force...

Template: Canan

Child of the Su and Naruto templates. Characterization likely to be iffy.

Template: Chi

Started with Uchiha Itachi. Variably the older sibling of Rian/Li-an or Sasuke/Su. Chi tends to get into circumstances they can't easily work their way out of - and then tend to dig themselves deeper into tragedy. Always comes in Pretty. Romance and sexuality are a bit messed up.

Template: Clarie

"Do not kneel," said Clarie Jurat in a voice like thunder, like earths breaking and stars forming. "No more gods."

Template: Cooper

He's trying to be better than himself, but is naturally a bit of a jerk and bigot. Believes firmly in stuff being good for everyone - even if emotionally he doesn't like or trust them. Usually bi - not that he often wants to admit this to himself.

Template: Decima

Quasi-self inserts and characters of Chaos's headmate, Decima, run by her.
Anakin Sub-Template:
Ruby Sub-Template:

-Dislikes her culture. Either does the exact opposite of what she's told is Good, or goes for malicious compliance.
-Default chaotic neutral, with some chaotic good and some chaotic evil alts, and a few rare lawful good alts.
-Fight for freedom and against fate
-Will not betray allies
-Sadistic and ruthless
-Defies template attractors

Main and Unsorted
The Main sub-template has attractors unmodified from above.
Main Clusters
Ancient CEAlts who are usually at least centuries old and who avoid the plot arcs that the Post-Nonsense cluster members go through. Generally an evolution of Time For Violence cluster. Ancient CE alts are better at suppressing their impulses, at working within structures, and at behaving - if it gets them what they want. They're fundamentally one of the most settled clusters.

Chaotic Leave Me AloneGenerally very traumatized alts, who've been through a lot. Can slip into Lawful Evil cluster fairly easily, but are default more willing to be pro-social, and have more emotions than the Lawful Evil cluster.

Fourth Wall BreakingAlts who are aware of the fourth wall. Fairly rare. Personality wise, they have a lot in common with the Post-Nonsense cluster. Generally less inclined to violence, and more self aware.

Fuck My AltsMost Decima alts, regardless of alignment, won't interfere with their own alts. These alts ignore that, and generally actively dislike at least one or several of their alts.

Hedonism FTWDecima alts who appreciate the fine things in life - and are fairly easy to get along with, so long as you don't try to restrain them. Bad at taking anything seriously. Extremely inclined towards pleasure-seeking, but generally not randomly violent.


Lawful EvilAlts who, generally due to trauma, have stopped really processing emotions and become fairly dogmatic and prone to lashing out violently.

Lying About AlignmentGenerally chaotic evil or villainous Decima alts who decided it'd be funny to pretend to be lawful good, heroic, or pro-social. More willing and inclined to lie than average.

MirrorDecima alts who're clones, children, or amnesiac versions of other Decima alts. Usually oppose their original's goals and alignment. Usually dislike their other alts.

Post-NonsenseAlts who have had significant plot happen to them, generally driving them through multiple contradictory clusters over time. Post-Nonsense Decima alts are far more self aware than typical, and are more usually at least somewhat pro-social.

ResponsibleDecima alts who have a job, and, for whatever reason, find this task important and worthy. Generally some of the best at working within systems.

Spitefully GoodAlts whose spite morality ended up targeted towards an evil culture or person. Spitefully Good alts generally find they enjoy being pro-social, which helps them maintain that alignment.

Time For ViolenceAlts whose main or only outlet for entertainment and emotions is violence. Generally chaotic evil, and generally harder to work with and more unstable than average.

UnknownWe're not sure what's up with these ones.

Glint is, as a sub-template, usually raised without parents in a society with social room for someone eccentric or 'crazy,' who willingly takes on responsibilities to protect others and then grows into her role - especially as a protector of the odd and insane. Glint has temporal clusters but one character tends to go through them in sequence; unlike other sub-templates, Glints don't split into separate character accounts, and then tend to grow more slowly through their character arc. The main temporal clusters are 'Glint' and 'Sheogorath.'

Template: Decima ~ Anakin

Quasi-self inserts and characters of Chaos's headmate, Decima, run by her, in the Anakin sub-template. Attractors are mostly as normal for Decima template (

Standard Arc and Clusters ↴
Generally starts out seriously trying to be good, pro-social, or what someone they care about might want them to be. This is the Early cluster.
They then proceed to have a meltdown or reach a breaking point, and generally proceed to go for violent conquest. This is the Warlord cluster.
They eventually hit rock bottom and are redeemed by someone they care deeply for, deciding to retire - and then coming out of retirement because fuck, the world needs fixing, doesn't it. This is the Hero cluster.
Sometimes something weird happens to the Hero or Warlord clusters, resulting in a version without any memory of being either. This can be a clone, or a Decima with amnesia. This is the Mirror cluster.

Template: Decima ~ Ruby

Quasi-self inserts and characters of Chaos's headmate, Decima, run by her, in the Ruby sub-template. Main template is

-Dom + sadist with one night stands
-Sub + masochist with long term relationships
-Default chaotic neutral
-Falls in love easily and likes flings
-Does not trust easily
-Adopted daughter of alts of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly

Vicious: Early version of this sub-template. Anti-social, angry, scared, and wants nothing to do with other humans. Example: River Tam.
Buzz: Later version of this sub-template. Fun-loving, falls in love easily, promiscuous, silly, very Chaotic Neutral, usually a productive member of society in as goose-ish a manner as possible. Has some unresolved issues from her childhood, sometimes, but not as many as most post-trauma clusters. Example: Burning Ruby Tiger Decima; Villanelle; The Wicked Libertine.

Template: Elizabeth

Investigator of the strange and unusual. Wants to be taken seriously, often isn't.

Template: Em

Lian's morally dubious older sister. Instantiates anywhere from 'horrible at sistering' to 'supervillain,' usually depending on world factors.

Template: Emmie

Voice of reason, and often the only sane one. Usually a doctor or otherwise medical/ healer person.

Template: Getsu

Jokester with a sword. Will name the sword with a pun if given half the chance. Life's short, fighting's fun, nothing's serious.

Template: Juugo

Sad boy. Prone to mood swings and bouts of rage, and to being exploited by people he looked to for help. Actually a gentle soul. Trans.

Template: Kaguya

Alien spy who falls in love with her target planet, and usually proceeds to switch sides. Is not too fond of that planet's inhabitants. Would like to instantiate herself as God, and believes the ends justify the means.

Template: Karin

Cares a lot about her friends and loved ones. Also otherwise immensely amoral. Tends to be low-key sadistic but good at knowing when it's appropriate (or safe) to express this, and often works for an Orochimaru.

Template: Kendra

Originally from All Night Laundry. Smart, ambitious, and curious. Kendra usually is or wants to be an engineer. Generally pretty good, and protective of other people. Trans girl.

Template: Kiba

Lovable doof. Mistakable for a human-shaped dog. Pretty sure this is a compliment.

Template: Ku

Debatably the child of the Orochimaru template. Almost never actually raised by Orochimaru, and background usually remains a mystery. Emotional and passionate, Ku tends to be drawn towards medical and healing fields.

Template: Kurama

Alts of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox and Dark!Naruto from Naruto

Template: Kushina

Naruto's mom

Template: Leia
Template: Li-an

A generally heroic type, Li-ans started with Lirhan, a paladin in a dungeons and dragons world, and grew from there. Can come in any gender.
Template attractors for a morally dubious older sibling, for a light theme, for big cats, and for fire magic.
Brave, often to a fault. Usually has a strict moral code they stick to, though the code varies with age and upbringing. Generally highly concerned with fairness. Prone to black and white thinking, and has trouble with feeling any empathy for people she's decided are Evil

Template: Lian kid ~ Alesan

Likes exploring. Kind of quiet, pretty good at existing within a system and picking someone to be loyal to.

Template: Lian kid ~ Blaise

Lian's more war-like child. Often frustrated. Doesn't really know what to do with his emotions.

Template: Lian kid ~ Lucia

The gentle, sensitive child. Loves music. Worries a lot about her friends and family. Wants everyone to get along.

Template: Lian kid ~ Rune

Lian's more ruthless kid. Often mentored by her aunt, Em. Rune often ends up in morally neutral, more shadowy professions, though sometimes she takes after a mix of her mom and aunt and does morally questionable things for morally laudable goals.

Template: Lian kid ~ Sofia

The smart kid. Sometimes a bit neurotic. Sometimes forgets morals exist in favor of curiosity.

Template: Lian-Orochimaru

A blend/resonant of Orochimaru and Li-an.

Template: Loki

Professional little shit

Template: Madara

Used to be a Su until brain decided was an Itachi.

Manipulative, dramatic, disaster trashfire whose plans inevitably go horribly awry. Wants peace. Really.

Template: Mal

An intellectual type, Mals like to geek out about languages, science, and magic. Child versions tend to be rather rude and abrupt, especially if you're hiding knowledge from them.

Template: Mi

More a follower than a leader, Mi likes to work from the shadows. She usually finds herself attached to Ash, typically working more-or-less for her. Tends to share Ash's goals.

Template: Mikoto

Su's mom. Usually also Chi's mom, but not always. Polite. Kind. Diplomatic. Will murder you.

Template: Minor Arda Characters

Minor characters, both original and canon, from assorted versions of Tolkien's legendarium.

Template: Minor Characters [Chaos]

Chaos's one offs and minor characters that aren't part of a wider set.

Template: Minor Characters [Decima]

Minor characters run by Decima, who aren't part of a wider set.

Template: Minor Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

Characters, both from the anime/manga and original characters, native to Fullmetal Alchemist, who lack their own templates.

Template: Minor Inannas Ring Characters

Assorted Inanna's Ring characters. May or may not get their own templates someday.

Template: Minor Marvel Characters

Assorted minor characters, both canon and original, from assorted Marvel properties.

Template: Minor Naruto Characters

A catch-all for Naruto-verse characters, both canon and OCs, who may someday get their own templates.

Template: Minor Skyrim Characters

Skyrim characters who may or may not get their own templates someday.

Template: Minor Star Wars Characters

Characters from Star Wars who don't have their own templates yet.

Template: Minor Xena Characters

Minor characters from Xena: Warrior Princess and related franchises without their own templates.

Mostly run by Decima.

Template: Mjoll

Likes to do what's right. Used to be an adventurer, until she retired to be an activist. Generally attaches as a Lian ally.

Template: Naruto

Dweeb. Excitable, and has non-standard intelligence, so he often ends up believing he's stupider than he is. Probably has ADD. Good at social.

Template: Naruto ~ Hashirama

A more lawful Naruto. Generally tends to come off as wiser and more mature - but he has a lot of blind spots Naruto doesn't.

Template: Naruto ~ Luke

Luke sub-template of the Naruto template. Usually twins to a Leia ( or other non-fuchsia Leia).

Template: Naruto ~ September

A less kind Naruto, who perhaps has yet to grow their heart.

September means well, ultimately, but there's a few bumps in the way.

Template: Niet

Disaster bab. Actually secretly a really intense sub but in denial about this.

Template: Orochimaru

Sadistic and amoral, Orochimaru wants to learn all the secrets of the world more than anything else. Immortality, of course, is needed for that, and a bit of chaos to keep from getting bored...
Comes in three temporal clusters - young, early, and late. Young Orochimaru still cares for people close to him, but is coming to gradually despise the fragility of human life. Early Orochimaru has stopped caring about others and pursues solely his own advancement. Late-stage Orochimaru has decided that his previous approach was wrong, and looks to improve life for those he's let himself care about as well.

Template: Peggy

Ambitious, intense, wants to be more than she's allowed to be. Kind and caring but not often able to show this. Wants the best for everyone. Will fist-fight the universe to get this.

Template: Rei

Started with Reim, a trickster spirit. Rei's are uncomfortable with people knowing anything true about them, and they'll lie if they can at all get away with it. Fairly manipulative. Dislikes doing things themselves, and will often try to arrange for someone else to do their dirty work. They have a mean streak, and a twisted sense of humor.

Template: Sakura

Alts of Haruno Sakura from Naruto. Smart. Often doesn't take things as seriously as she needs to as a kid, but grows into her own as a leader in her teens. Usually goes into medical fields.

Template: Sandarr

Deadbeat dad. Actually cares about his kids, even if he rarely sees them.

Template: Sara

Sara's are born explorers. They enjoy meeting new people and seeing new sights. They have a knack for building vehicles of all sorts, though they lean towards ships and spaceships.

Template: Self Inserts

SIs, for all members of the Chaos System.

Template: Sesh

Generally level headed and difficult to perturb. Likes dogs

Template: Settings

Settings and minor character groups

Template: Sha

Mother of Em and Li-an. Typically standoffish, and tends to intentionally or not encourage competition in her children.

Template: Shisui

Disaster boy who would like everything to stop exploding for five minutes maybe. Please. He needs a nap.

Template: Silver ~ Outgoing

Genderfluid, socially awkward, and energetic, Silvers are typically kind but can have unkind moments. Template attractors for druidic powers, wolves, and silver hair.

Outgoing cluster of the Silver template. Usually have a Silver name pattern.

Template: Silver ~ Shy

Shy cluster of the Silver template. Usually have a 'Tess' name pattern.

Template: Soreiyu

Original version is the son of Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata. Is often the middle child of a great hero. Overshadowed by his more outgoing siblings and his famous parents, Soreiyu is shy and quietly determined to find his own way.

Template: Su

Started with Uchiha Sasuke. Younger sibling of the Chi template.

Template: Su ~ Indra

Warlord and ex-warlord Su. Disasterest. Despite template name Xena is a more central member.

Template: Su ~ Jessica

Smartest Su. Probably drunk. Beats people up in the name of detective work. Definitely Anya's fault.

Probably a Su-Skye template blend

Attractors: trans, Tragic, detective, smart, dislikes fighting/killing but gets forced into it because lesser of two evils, target of a mind-whammy (whether illusory torture or mind control), dead birth family, asshole adoptive parents

Template: Su ~ Manako

Non-tragic Su. Usually a Tsume kid.

Template: Su ~ Tobirama

An extremely intelligent dumbass. Loves experimenting, has no respect for safety procedures.

Template: Su ~ Tomoe

Su, with no siblings whatsoever. Always a Mikoto clone. Possibly a Su-Mikoto template blend.

Template: Ta

Started with Uchiha Tajima. The younger sibling of Rian/ Li-an. Can occur as an only child.

Template: Takeko

The daughter of the Su template, Takeko is gregarious, curious, and makes friends easily. She's a bit bossy when young, but grows into a good leader as she ages.

Retired character.

Template: Treasure

Younger sibling of Kuchinawa. An Orochimaru kid, often also a Sasuke kid (by adoption or otherwise).

Extremely intelligent. Bouncy. Intense at times. Doesn't take life very seriously, and doesn't care a lot about strangers.

Template: Tsunade

Medic with anger issues. Extremely passionate about doing what's right for people. Often has a life full of tragedy, which tends to leave her feeling like fighting is pointless... For a time, at least.

Template: Vellitt Boe

Some people change the world. And some people change the people who change the world.

Template: Wisdom

Terrified of mortality. Always immortal, usually several thousand years old.

Template: Wolf

The (adopted) sister of the Tess template. Is almost invariably literally a sapient wolf or wolf-like creature. Is a Little Shit

No Template