Lord Pradnakt
to better see the light
55 Competent
Nickname Sith Dusk
Aliases Apprentice Deskyl, Deskyl
Template Dusk
Setting Star Wars
(another way to put things is that SithDusk's issues are kind of a meditation on how anarchy is stupid - like, I have yet to find an anarchist who isn't somehow failing to engage with the bit where there's nothing in an anarchist system to stop powerful people from doing awful things and nothing to stop people from accumulating that kind of power, and living in a system like that when you aren't at or near the top of the power pyramid can be incredibly damaging. Deskyl in particular is a dispositionally good person who's taken a lot of that kind of damage and doesn't really believe that things could be a different way for her - when I say she doesn't acknowledge people as having rights, what I mean is that she hears 'people have the right to life' as 'you can't kill people' and her response is 'that's observably false, yes I can'; it doesn't mean she thinks it's good to kill people, or that she wants to at all, just that it's always a live option on the table both as something she can do if she does want to for whatever reason, and also something that could happen to her or people she cares about if she's not careful - like, she doesn't have the concept of herself having rights that she can expect other people to respect, either, because that's not how the world has worked for her; she expects to be okay because she's powerful enough to defeat anyone who might attack her, and because that's obvious enough that people won't try, not because they just wouldn't try regardless. She herself isn't inclined to hurt people in order to get things, most of the time - that's what I mean by 'dispositionally good', she does care about other peoples' wellbeing and won't just hurt them because it's convenient or useful - but if she gives up the option to hurt people to defend herself she expects to be destroyed by that, very quickly, because she doesn't see (and doesn't know how to see) any other systems that might be around to mitigate that risk.)