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Release 2020-04-24
New features

  • There is now a button in the Daily Report to filter to only new posts that day.
  • There is now a button on character list pages to let you see only active (not retired) characters.
  • Characters now support a Template Cluster field.


  • The RTF editor should no longer randomly change font sizes to be slightly smaller, because it has deigned to accept 87.5% in place of 0.875. No, we don't understand either.
  • The Daily Report unread notice now uses the same number badge as Inbox and News.
  • Past Daily Reports will no longer incorrectly exclude posts begun that day with replies that occur only on subsequent days.
  • The Starry Light layout will now correctly highlight selected menu buttons (e.g. List vs Icon view on a page listing characters) by coloring the button with a color that is not exactly identical to the unselected buttons.
  • Removed an unnecessary table spacer on character list pages that were not grouped by template.
  • The search bar on ungrouped character list pages is now the correct width.
  • We now accept the <ins> tag as well as the <del> tag.
  • The post edit history and delete history pages now, if applicable, include subcontinuities in their breadcrumbs.
  • The form for post author notes is now colored correctly in dark layouts.

Development work

  • We upgraded to Rails which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2020-5267.
  • Refactored some Post code to be more readable and maintainable.
  • The text entry for these news posts is now much larger, to blatantly enable future rambling.
  • All code references to /boards URLs are now named continuity instead of board for consistency. The URLs themselves are unchanged (for now).
  • Added two more linters to our code quality checks and fixed a bunch of issues they were warning about.
  • Consolidated all the post related breadcrumb code in one place.
  • Wrote more view tests.
  • Upgraded Chromium in our development Dockerfile.
  • Added expectation images so we can now run visual regression tests!

Full Github changelog here: changelog

Posted on Apr 24, 2020 11:02 PM by Marri