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Release 2020-05-25
New features

  • Post blocking is now available in your block settings page. This means you can decide not to see or be notified about author-locked posts from specific users. You can also decide to block your author-locked posts from appearing to or notifying specific users. This setting does not affect posts which are not author-locked and are instead open to posts from any user (such as posts in Site Testing or the Many Worlds Forum or similar) because these are considered 'common spaces' moreso than 'posts by the user you blocked'. (Author locking is not the same as visibility, which is Public / Registered Users Only / Access List / Private; any post with more than one author specified at time of creation will be locked by default. If you're confused what this covers, please ask!) We don't expect much of a speed impact but if you notice the site acting slowly, this may be related, please let us know.
  • Our Javascript API now uses proper token-based authentication. If you have any issues with Javascript functions, this may be related, please let us know.
  • Reading a post by someone you favorited will now mark the notification about that post read if it wasn't already. If you see lag when you open a post for the first time, this may be related, please let us know.
  • There is now a link to your daily output from today's Daily Report page. Probably nothing to let us know about here.


  • Daily Report now preserves the "only new posts" setting if you navigate between days.
  • Fixed <summary> elements not to use the display block CSS since Firefox does Weird Dumb Things with that combination and hides the summary arrows.
  • The Daily Report is no longer confused by the existence of time zones, despite the fact that confusion over time zones is Extremely Valid because they are terrible.
  • Post lists will no longer wrap three icons for a single post onto a second line, nor it will attempt to fix this by wrapping onto three lines instead.
  • Users are no longer notified of new posts by a favorited author if they are listed as a coauthor.
  • Sectionless posts in a closed continuity that has subcontinuities will no longer display the Next/Previous links. Posts in open continuities continue not to display the links, and posts in a subcontinuity or in a closed continuity with no subcontinuities continue to display links.
  • The "did you mean to post this reply twice?" check now works better with the "you have unseen replies" check in the case where a possible duplicate reply is also unread.

Development work

  • Upgraded to Puma 4.3.5 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2020-11076 or vulnerability CVE-2020-11077.
  • Upgraded to Ruby 2.6.6 and json 2.3.0.
  • Moved to cleaner (and Rails 6 compatible) methods for generating flat posts.
  • Updated visual regression testing expectation images.
  • Added new library to improve retry logic in long running background jobs interrupted by server restarts.
  • Fixed some unnecessary and n+1 queries.
  • Moved post updates on subcontinuity deletion to background jobs.
  • Lots of code quality updates: removing duplicate imports, consolidating duplicate code, removing unused scripts, standardized method names and arguments, set defaults, organized file tree, addressing linter complaints, and so on unto the heat death of the universe.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

Posted on May 25, 2020 9:23 PM by Marri