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In baseline form, a Robin is a cheerful goofball with a heart of gold, romantic and outwardly optimistic, if prone to cynicism in the privacy of their own thoughts. Unfortunately one of their template attractors is a highly traumatic situation which commonly occurs in their late teens. After this their personality often flips, leaving them melacholic and maliciously mischievous, and burying their optimism and kindness under a burning determination to right the wrongs done to them and their loved ones. They can escape this attractor and remain baseline, and they can also be retrieved by loved ones and left a mix of the two states.
Robins are always pansexual panromantics, and are also fanatically devoted to those they come to love. They typically identify as their assigned gender.

Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Adresteia whom-none-escape Vanessa Hudgens Reborn Gods
Beatriz Olívia Anes Bia desire-for-light Vanessa Hudgens Resonance
Berit 'Sjóna' Sundridóttir Bára all_is_not_lost Alyson Hannigan Jörmungandr
B-Force iwill
Bira D'cis truthhurts Vanessa Hudgens Arcania Artefactum
Jorel Drettz Light Grey come-to-this Ethan Peck Star Wars
Justice walk-a-mile
Poison Ivy grow-together Alyson Hannigan
Robin roundthetwist Vanessa Hudgens
Robin wild-goose-chase Ethan Peck Council of Horrible Gooses
Robin Chis just-desserts Vanessa Hudgens Alethia
Robin Chiswick knot-in-the-wood Vanessa Hudgens Mistletoe
Robin Chiswick missed-the-sun Vanessa Hudgens Titan Fleet
Robin Chiswick new-shoots Charlie Rowe
Robin Chiswick screwloose Vanessa Hudgens
Robin Chiswick spacemagic Carlos Pena WTFMagic
Robin Chiswick untwist Carlos Pena
Robin Chiswick vicious-spiral Carlos Pena My Hero Academia
Robin Chiswick when-you-bury-them Carlos PenaVega StrangerVille
Robin Genan justice-incarnate Carlos Pena Arcania Artefactum
Robin Ochoa wormholephysics Carlos Pena High Mage
Robin Potter will-power Charlie Rowe
Robin Sand the-justice-of-kings Charlie Rowe Westeros
Spear of the Judge Arcania Artefactum
The Arbiter just-is Charlie Rowe Shallow Gods
Tobir Tisik Tobi blood-as-red Ethan Peck Amenta
Uchiha Obito Naruto

Aug 14, 2020 10:05 AM
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